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Our arms,
your hands

ITALMIX decided to work in the bakery, confectionery and pizzeria industries with responsibility and enthusiasm, to propose our services right at the beginning of this important food chain, specialising in the production of reliable and long-lasting twin arm kneading machines.

ITALMIX can count on in its own employees that boast over thirty years of experience in the bakery, confectionery and pizzeria machinery manufacturing industry. This highlights the extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of the market and customer demands.

The choice we made of specialising in a single product allows us to supply superior quality and reliable kneading machines, virtues that are confirmed by the scrupulous final testing performed before the delivery of each machine.

All the machines are manufactured taking into consideration the recommendations of the end customer in order to fully meet their demands. The company guarantees a FULLY MADE IN ITALY product and service.

Inspired by the past,
designed for the future

We have conceived and created a new line of twin arm kneading machines, designing them to offer bakers, pastry chefs and pizza makers a comprehensive range of solutions and features so as to satisfy every production requirement.

The ongoing attention and research conducted on new materials and new technical solutions make our machines outstandingly reliable, safe and durable.

Technology, environment
and Made in Italy

State-of-the-art technology, respect for the environment and for the health of the customer all share the same level of importance in ITALMIX (autonomous from an energy point of view).

All parts in contact with food are treated with non-toxic paints with food-grade certification. Our kneading machines are sized and designed to minimise current absorption, consequently achieving a lower environmental impact.

Quality assurance made possible thanks to the complete control over the internal production chain, 100% MADE IN ITALY.


Thanks to their design and the mechanical arms, the twin arm kneading machines reproduce the ancient traditional motion of kneading by hand. We have been studying the gestures of Italian master bakers for over 30 years, in order to maintain the same quality of kneading with simple and practical solutions.

The twin-arm action (kneading, lifting, stretching and folding) ensures perfect gluten development and maximum water absorption without heating the dough.


The objective of good kneading is to be able to form a resistant and extensible gluten mesh and, at the same time, to correctly oxygenate the dough.

Our special movement, with its particular way of stimulating the mass, is the best solution to incorporate air and oxygenate the dough as much as possible, which leads to rapid leavening and a larger volume of finished products, in the shortest possible time. The outcome of these multiple phases will therefore be a light and well-leavened product.

Kneading with
no limits

Whilst maintaining the characteristics of the machines, the Italmix range offers the possibility of kneading different types of products, with different consistencies and water content percentages.

Designed to knead both soft dough (90% maximum hydration) and medium-firm (60% minimum hydration), with the Italmix range you will finally find a machine that works with you, and for you.

Instinctively simple, exceptionally high-performing.

safety systems

Our kneading machines are equipped with all the necessary device systems to guarantee maximum safety to all operators, without delaying or complicating their work. The presence of safety micro-switches positioned at strategic points, ensures that the work cycle will only start in maximum safety conditions.

The machine is equipped with an immediate stop system, which is triggered when the guard is opened, or if the emergency button is pressed by means of an electric motor brake.

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