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Italmix is a company specialised in the manufacturing of twin arm kneading machines for the bakery, confectionery and pizzeria industries. We like to consider ourselves as one of the most innovative kneading machine manufacturers, and we have been looking for ideas to improve kneading for over 30 years.

All the components are designed, assembled and tested in our factory facility in Thiene (Vicenza) Italy, to guarantee total control over our machines. We want to be abreast of the times, even if we are committed to an ancient trade.

Italmix can count on its own employees that boast over thirty years of expertise in the industry.

All the machines are manufactured taking into consideration the recommendations of the end customer in order to fully meet their demands.


Research and innovation, attention to the quality of the production process and the service provided, internationality and maximum flexibility. And above all, culture and product focus, which is always conceived from a "good project". These are the elements that characterise the identity of Italmix.

Our kneading machines have a strong personality, the result of a superior combination of quality and design, and are able to meet every possible demand, both in terms of shape and mixing capacity.

The choice of specialising in a single product allows us to supply superior quality and reliable kneading machines, virtues that are confirmed by the scrupulous final testing performed before the delivery of each machine.


The use of innovative technologies allows us to maintain superior quality standards, whilst remaining competitive on the market.

State-of-the-art technology and respect for the environment are key values at Italmix: the company is autonomous from an energy point of view, thanks to a photovoltaic system that easily satisfies all internal demands.

Moreover, all parts of machinery in contact with food are treated with non-toxic food-grade certified paints: a guarantee of quality assurance thanks to the complete control over the internal production chain.


We guarantee swift and customised services to meet the different demands of each and every customer, thanks to our dynamic and flexible structure. The advantage of purchasing Italmix machines lies in the certainty of receiving a swift and effective response and finding the most appropriate solution that best suits your needs, thanks to our ability to market machines that are designed, developed and assembled in-house.

Our team, consisting of highly qualified personnel, has always adopted our corporate values based on honesty and professional reliability along with authentic quality: product quality, quality of services, quality of human relationships.

The well-oiled synergy between the offices and production facilities also allows us to guarantee timely compliance with deadlines and scheduled deliveries.


To reproduce the slow manual movement of master kneaders. This is the objective that Italmix has set itself for many years now.

Our desire is to continue to be kneading machine specialists, to focus solely on this niche product, and to disseminate the culture of quality dough, not only in Italy but all over the world, where Italian-style bakery products are becoming increasingly popular.

And this is the roadmap we intend to continue along, with passion and care, both for our products and our customers.


Our headquarters in Thiene boasts a superior equipped laboratory where we can test all our products.

This means that customers have the opportunity to check how our twin-arm kneading machines work with their own dough and, consequently, to see for themselves what the result of their own manufacturing process by Italmix will be.

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Production and warehouse facility

Via dell’Astronautica, 2
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