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Why Choose Italmix

Research and innovation, attention to the quality of the production process and the service provided, internationality and maximum flexibility. And above all, culture and product focus, which is always conceived from a "good project". These are the elements that characterise the identity of Italmix.


    Both ourselves and our kneading machines are by your side, always and in any circumstances. We always choose to respond in person, and have the expertise and skills to manage the projects entrusted to us with ultimate care and attention.


    The Italian bakery, confectionery and pizzeria industries have no secrets for us, but over the years we have also learned a lot about the different approach we need to adopt in these industries in other parts of the world. We give great value to the experiences of our customers, along with the know-how we have developed in over thirty years of dedication to this industry.


    We are ready and highly responsive to the demands of the various markets. All our machines can be customised to meet all customer specifications.


    Our curiosity and desire to pursue ever higher goals without ever basking in the results already accomplished, is the driving force behind our work. The success of Italmix is the result of the ultimate commitment and dedication of each and everyone of its collaborators.


    The best technologies are those that accomplish high levels of complexity and innovation, while remaining so easy to use. We embrace the simplicity of our products and also our relationships; that's why we build open and transparent relations with our collaborators and customers.


    At Italmix, attention to the environment is a lifestyle that can be identified in its every gesture, both inside and outside the company. All our kneading machines, from the choice of materials to recycling, are designed and engineered to reduce environmental impact.

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